«To take joy in the wel-being of others is to share in the riches of the world. When we dip our cup in the infinite, we are enriched, but the infinite is not diminished. When you stare at the sunset, you are filled with it´s beauty, but the sunset remains as beautiful as ever.» -Iyengar, Light on Life

Every week i use a different theme in my classes, last week, was «non-greed», not to take more than what we need, but still allowing to enjoy what we have without being attached and afraid to loose it. Sometimes i think my weekly subjects tends to be to hold back or something we should not do. Yoga is a disipline, so this is nessessary, but it is not negative still, this brings us so much joy in our lives. This week we will focus on the feeling of joy and happiness in our practice, giving the fruits of our practice to someone else. Practice to imagine someone you like, and someone you do not like so much recieve happiness, and through this week, look at others and make an effort to feel happy for their happiness. As Iyengar says; this too affects us in a joyfull way, without stealing or taking from others;)